The 2007 Arnold Weightlifting Championships

I'll be working at The Arnold this year. I've never been and heard it is quite an event, that although it contains some of the "freak" that exists in the world of strength sports, it also hosts of the legends of strength. I mean, who wouldn't want to at least see Jack LaLanne in person? As for USA weightlifters, the Arnonld Weightlifting Championships act as a secondary qualifier for the 2007 Pan Am and World Championships (important qualifiers for the 2008 Olympics).

The two lifters in the video are Sarah Davis (58 kg) and Zach Schulender (105+ kg). Hopefully they (and many others) will build upon their fabulous performances at the American Open in December and move even higher in the top 20 next Friday in Columbus.


Jake Silver said…
Hey I don't know much about The Arnold but I did see the movie Pumping Iron. I stop by your Blog once in a while and decided not to just Lurk tonight.

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