OT: My Vet ER Visit Tonight

I was told my 4 month old kitten, Felix Frankfurter, probably just sprained his R front leg after leaping over the edge of the stairs after his crinkle ball--about an 8 ft drop. Now if you zoom in on either of these images, I think you might see something is amiss. If you spend any time watching the patient, you might think his behavior and your observations of the limb itself support what the image shows.

I have no formal training in radiology and I cannot tell you the anatomy of the feline forefoot. But I kinda know what a human hand/foot looks like; and if my hand/foot looked anything like this, I'm thinking there's something more than a sprain going on here. I was told there is no fracture in the R limb and that I should have Felix checked out in 3-5 days. I then insisted on a splint, paid my bill ($334.60) and made sure I had a copy of the xrays to give to my regular vet tomorrow.

I am definitely NOT returning to this particular animal emergency clinic. And I will always insist upon a copy of any records, images and reports with me upon discharge from an emergency clinic visit.


JH said…
You mean the 3 fractured bones of the right front paw wasn't a dead give away to the vet?
Boris said…
Wow - you have a lucky pet. I tend to be one of those naive, trusting types when it comes to medical opinions. Luckily for us, my wife is not.
dan thacker said…
That is ridiculous. I would have your vet contact the clinic and find out who was in charge of interpreting these images. Why would they shrug that off? Confused.

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