Brilliant! The Official IOC YouTube Channel

I stumbled upon the official IOC YouTube channel tonight. Check it out. It is a wealth of HD video from London and past Olympic games. I've embedded two things US people didn't get to see if all they had was NBC's televised coverage.

First up is the closing ceremony remix of "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush, one of my favorite songs of all-time. Second is the FULL replay of the women's 800 m freestyle final, featuring Katie Ledecky and Rebecca Adlington. NBC cut the Kate Bush segment from their closing ceremony broadcast and as all swimming fans know, they NEVER show an entire 800 or 1500 m distance race.

Track coaches and fans rejoice! Watch the full 10,000 m without commercial interruption or your favorite NBC commentators. All sport fans can search by sport / event and get highlights or full event replays.

Kate Bush: Running Up That Hill

Women's 800 m Freestyle Final


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