Iron Maven Shoulder Tubing Series

This little tubing series is part of the shoulder infrastructure work my athletes do. I'm not a big fan of the traditional "PT" shoulder band stuff, but Joe Pryztula and his practical seminars at Vern Gambetta's GAIN conferences, has helped me see that I can get creative and do some good things with tubing to connect the hip and the shoulder. Vern has a great Functional Shoulder Exercises DVD that goes into greater depth regarding the concept of "hip to shoulder" and what it means for a shoulder exercise to be "functional."

My high school senior guys really like this sequence, particularly after a hard practice or upper body work day. Some of them need it more for stability; others for more t-spine mobility. They now get what it means to take care of your shoulders on a daily and weekly basis.

More shoulder stuff soon.


Keith Sutorius said…
Thanks for posting this Tracy. I love using bands with my clients.

I am going to steal some of the overhead stuff.

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