DIY iPhone/iPod Touch Tripod Adapter

I have a variety of methods to record images, but sometimes just using the old phone or iPod is the most efficient way to go. Alas, none of my three tripods would work with either. Sigh. So I went online on a mission to find an adapter that is inexpensive and simple. I asked future engineer Tommy Beckmann to build it and he was successful by combining two different DIY methods.  Cost:  $3.

It's not fancy and we could've used black tape, but it is simple, secure and works like a charm with any standard tripod mount. Now if the high school guys want to do video feedback and keep the video, they get the mini-tripod out and use their own phones to evaluate their movement. And I have a nifty way of keeping the iPod Touch nice and steady on the handy, ultra-portable mini-tripod.


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