Abbye "Pudgy" Stockton: Thank You

"Pudgy" Stockton was the first woman accepted by the popular press in the US as a weightlifter and female strength athlete. She was a regular with her husband on Muscle Beach in the 1940's and contributed to Strength and Health with her "Barbelles" column.

She died at the age of 88, from complications related to Alzheimer's.

At 5'1" and 115 lbs, she amazed audiences with her feats of acrobatic strength. She was also the first female owner of a gym and organized the first AAU-sanctioned weightlifting meet for women in 1947. At this meet, I believe she pressed 100 lbs, snatched 105 lbs and clean & jerked 135 lbs.

Thank you Pudgy for making a muscular physique, weight training, weightlifting and strength acceptable for women.


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