Gerald Ford: A Champion of Our Collective Strength & Health

I didn't vote for him in my second grade class election in 1976, but today I have gained a much better appreciation of Gerald Ford. It seems Mr. Ford was a thoughtful, considerate public servant (not to mention a great athlete and coach of various sports), who put the strength and health of his country before his own political gain and the partisan politics of his critics (on both sides).

It is fascinating to watch him testify before the House Judiciary Subcommittee with composure and candor, regarding Proclamation 4311--the only sitting president ever to testify before this committee. He took it upon himself to explain to us all why it was essential for the country to move on and get back to the real problems our nation faced in the fall of 1974.

Ford was a team player, serving in the House of Representatives for 24 years, working as House Minority Leader for eight. Maybe in his death, we can, as a country, remember his famous words and take them to heart in these trying times: "It is possible to disagree without being disagreeable.

If you get the chance, watch Mr. Ford's acceptance speech of the 2001 Profile in Courage Award. Should we all be so eloquent and sharp at 88 years old.


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