Friday Random Thoughts

Why all the fuss about some new genetic link to obesity? For the majority of Americans, the problem isn't in their genetic make up; it's in their refrigerator and the drive thru windows they patronize.

Kurt Vonnegut dies from complications following a fall. Falls are a physical therapist's worst nightmare--traumatic brain injuries, hip fractures, ect. The morbidity and mortality related to falls is amazing. Do everything you can to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy, mobile, strong and with good basic balance.

I say we make a "Burn with Vern" t-shirt--kinda in the Napoleon Dynamite "Vote for Pedro" look.

The St. Louis Marathon is this weekend. They say there are about 24,000 people in town for the various races over two days. Wonder how this group will mingle with the 50,000 NRA members who are also downtown for their national convention?

Death by trainer interval workout today. Survived a decent trainer workout (for me). I have the aerobic endurance of a house cat. 20 min warm up with 4 x 5 min intervals with 5 min recover spin in between. Here is a shot of my HR at the end of the 3rd interval. No power meter yet for this geek.

If you have Versus, check out the coverage of Paris-Roubaix this Sunday. This bike race isn't nicknamed "The Hell of the North" for nothing. Lots of cobblestones. Finishes in the Roubaix Velodrome. Sweet suffering.


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