Herb Brooks

If you haven't read anything about Herb Brooks, and you are interested in athletic development, coaching and leadership, you should. I am pretty clueless when it comes to understanding details of the sport of hockey, but I'm just fascinated by Herb and his strategies for producing excellence. Here are three books I recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about him:

The Boys of Winter by Wayne Coffey

Herb Brooks: The Inside Story of a Hockey Mastermind by John Gilbert

America's Coach by Ross Bernstein

And you can find the Herb Brooks Foundation website here.

I am looking forward to chatting up Jack Blatherwick this June at the GAIN Apprentorship and hearing some great Herb stories!

Hard to believe it will be 30 years this February. Where were you when this game was played?


Keith Sutorius said…
I was at Hazelwood Central during my last conference swim meet in high school. I can still remember everyone chanting USA USA when they made the anouncement that we had beaten the Soviets.

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