Shoulder Position for the Snatch Grip

For my Crossfit friends who are visual learners.

Poor position

Corrected position

Got it? Now send this post to every affiliate you know and help them see what good positioning looks like.


Dan said…
Great visual Tracy, ok to post a link for my clients/members?
-Dan, CrossFitRhody
Tracy Fober said…

Yes, please link to the post for your clients. This info is for them.

Anonymous said…
Any tips on getting this correct position?

For me it seems its more than just an issue of rolling my shoulders back.
Tracy Fober said…
You have to relax the shoulder girdle first and then bring the elbows forward (externally rotate the shoulders). But you have to relax first and make sure you are not shrugging up at all.
Anonymous said…
would be easier to see if this was done with a loaded barbell, particularly by a tall guy like 6'4 maybe?!

i did this today and it seemed to help with 67.5kgs on bar, but due to my height and long gangly arms was unsure if i was doing it right.
Tracy Fober said…
Work with an empty bar. Do some muscle snatches. Get a real weightlifting coach to help you find your proper overhead grip and positioning.

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