Exploding Anterior Tibs

Well, obviously I didn't train for my walking vacation. Wow. Just pretty dang interesting to see what happens in the lower extremity when you start hoofing it after not hoofing it very often at home. No blisters, so that's very good. Thank you Thorlo and some good water resistant shoes.

This city is full of hearty commuters. We took the Sky Train yesterday (sat in the front window seat so Kevin could pretend he was driving) and people were outside like it was May, even though it was probably no more than 50 degrees F.

Vancouver's Chinatown is second only to San Francisco. Over 30% of the people in Vancouver speak Mandarin.

There are many nice bike shops here and many cyclists. Lots of fixie commuters and people on road or MTB bikes. A few without helmets. The drivers appear to be much more patient here with pedestrians and cyclists. That's cool.


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