Whirlwind Month & Random Thoughts on The Physical Therapist

I've been traveling much of the past two weeks and am now getting ready to leave on vacation for a bit. Managed to get a quick workout this morning, with Millie Fober (19 in human years; 97 in cat years) reminding me to keep the rest intervals short. She's a hard ass.

Caught a post on the Concepts in Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Rehab blog that updates us on the APTA's exploration to change the regulatory designation of physical therapist from PT to DPT or PTD--something that denotes a "doctoring" profession and the new entry-level clinical doctoral education.

I used to be a member of the APTA; but I decided $450 a year is just too much to pay, especially when the organization is concerned with stuff like this. Physical therapists won't improve their lot in society by getting people to refer to us as "doctors" of physical therapy. I'm sure some will call me a disgruntled masters-level therapist--I am one of the last to graduate from Washington University with the masters degree. In my opinion, this whole issue is simply one of a profession with low self-esteem. Pharmacists have the PharmD as the entry level degree now, but they didn't feel the need to change their regulatory designation from RPh to DPh.

Why the need to have your patients refer to you as doctor? Respect me for what I know and how I treat you.

What would really be nice is to have the APTA work hard with the medical schools in this country to educate medical students on what PT is, how beneficial it is and how MDs and PTs can best work together to provide patient care. Our best marketing tool is to help the majority gatekeepers to our services recognize and promote our value and our profession--from day one in their education.


Anonymous said…
Amen sista!
As a Bachelor's level PT (from 1995), I totally agree with you. I should have an inferiority complex, but I refuse to let the APTA commune aflict me. The reasons you gave are why I'm not a member either!
I enjoy yours and Vern's blogs. Keep up the good work.

JimBo said…
Amen, Sista!!
As a bachelor level PT (from the ancient time of 1995) I totally agree with you. Perfectly expressed for why I'm not a member of the APTA.
Keep up the good work!


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