A Cheese Head Gets a Cheesy Delivery

My little sister sent this Giordano's pizza to my husband. We lived next door to the Giordano's in Hyde Park. We ate so many of these back in the day....

Yes, that is the cheese oozing over the crust. There are about 8 small slices of veggies on this "veggie" pizza. I sneaked two tiny little bites for old time sake, and that was enough. The diminuative Coach Mr. Fober had two pieces and loved every minute of it.

Will somebody please come over and help him finish this behemoth?


Anonymous said…

There isn't much I miss about the U of C, but I do miss a ton about Chicago -- including the pizza. My favorite was at Orso's, just south of North on Wells -- although, ironically, it wasn't Chicago style pizza. (Just saying "just south of North" makes me smile.)

Tell yourself your going zone for the day; eat the rest.
The Mighty Kat said…
I'll be right there!
Anonymous said…
Ack. "you're" not "your" -- really, I did go to the U of C ...
Christine said…
Coming over right now! Oh LORD that looks good.

Oh wait, I can't have pizza.
J.B. said…
Giordanos in Chicago,
Imo's in St. Louis,
Ray's Pizza in NYC,
These are a few of my favorite things.

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