You've Got to Be Kidding Me?

Getting breast implants makes you "look smarter?" WTF? Yep, from the Allergan Medical website. But Lauren from Faux Real Tho says it best:

This ad from the Allergan Medical Silicone-Filled Breast Implants (note trademark symbol) is most ironical, since breasts are neither smart, nor do they make the wearer (implantee?) more intelligent. Even more mystifying is that her breast implants, the entire point of the ad, assuming the model has them, aren’t even a prominent point of the photograph. Boobs, smile, smart, boobs, phallic hoodie head, wha?

What’s real smart is going outside of the industry selling you your fake boobs for research into your health, but with my natural funbags what do I know. Silicone implants are most empowerful, and they look so real! Is that a Nobel prize in her pocket?

Looks, health, fake boobs, health, intelligence, health? What is wrong with this picture? Let's hear it for natural funbags, the uniboob sports bra, and carbon-based (vs. silicone-based) intelligence.


Joe Przytula said…
Talk about art imitating life. Take a look at the "stupid spoiled whore" south park episode.
Christine said…
Ugh. Dumb dumb dumb. The only smart implant is the one that jumps out of the doctors hand, wakes up the patient, smacks her and says "You don't need these, ask for your money back!"

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