Today's Wisdom From Vern

I am re-blogging Vern Gambetta's blog post from today because it is so simple, yet speaks volumes:
Stimulus threshold is the optimum training load required to elicit an adaptive response. There is a different stimulus threshold for each capacity, in the same manner there is a different time to adaptation for each capacity. There is an art and science to this. But the simple rule of thumb is that it is optimum not maximum that we are seeking.
I encourage anyone who coaches or rehabilitates people to read his blog, Functional Path Training. Better yet, apply for a spot at The GAIN Apprentorship this June.

So many people fail to grasp that frequent maximal efforts in training are often not optimal. While a few thrive, many more fail to thrive and often end up burning out or breaking down in the process. These are the ones we don't see in inspirational videos.


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