Tough Loss in OT

CBC had a 2 pt lead with 14.2 seconds left in the game. Ryan was fouled on a defensive rebound. Double bonus for CBC. Made the first one and Oakville called a time out. Missed the second one and Oakville's Josh Noblitt came down and hit a killer 3 to tie the game and send it into overtime. He was 6/8 from 3 pt land in the game. A Columbia Tribune reported captured the final 14 seconds of the 4th quarter on video. Ouch.

CBC was cold from the field all night. 3/17 from 3 pt land. From my point of view, it seemed like they struggled to play as a team down the stretch when the pressure was on. Maybe the credit should go to Oakville for playing great defense. They had a plan and worked it to perfection--keeping the game close and hitting shots when it counted. Ryan had 15 rebounds but only 7 points. And he missed a key free throw at the end of regulation. His teammate Seth Jackson had 15 points, but was also called for at least 2 player control fouls in the second half. Scored on both attempts, but the baskets did not count. Point guard Cory McArthy only had 3 points and was 1/9 from 3 pt land (1/11 FGA/FG).

So now CBC plays for 3rd place today at 1:40. I hope the kids can pick themselves up and go out on a positive note. They had a great season and got to a point no one really thought they could get to. But there is one thing that is interesting about their team (and other teams in this era)--and this is purely my opinion. Now, you'll have to know that I was a 2-guard and small forward who prided herself on passing the ball to my team's All-American forward. I used to hold the school record for single-season assists because I had to play smart. I couldn't out-run or out-jump anyone. I wasn't a scoring machine and knew it. And I didn't have that crazy 3 pt line to play with my mind. We were a small team and had to rely on a match-up zone on defense and solid fundamental offense to score.

It seems like these kids did only one of two things: shoot a 3 or drive for a lay up. Occasionally, they got the ball inside, but that option didn't seem natural for them, despite having a 6' 10' post player. There didn't seem to be anything in between. No working the ball around for a solid 12 footer. I noticed the same thing in some of the girls' games this year too. A few teams still play a very classic style, but I don't think it is the norm any more. Somebody needs to remind these kids that you can still score by shooting inside that line with a jump shot. Is that part of the game becoming a lost art?


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