Friday, March 31, 2006

The Wild World of High School Sports

Hi there again. I've been absent for quite a while with work and some distractions, but now I'm back and will be posting regularly.

Stopped by DeSmet High School to watch my guys in their first home volleyball game. The varsity won, playing much better than they did in their opening match on Wednesday. It is great to see a group of very young guys working hard as a team and succeeding--in spite of what the local volleyball mafiso says. These kids are following in the footsteps of some legendary DeSmet athletes and teams, with a new head coach. No one expects them to be successful. I think they will surprise a few people with their tenacity, talent and teamwork. They just need to believe in themselves and put in the work.

The talk of the school, however, was the baseball game. The opposing team's pitcher was blasted on the top of the head by a line drive. My husband said it sounded like the ball hit a coconut. The ball hit the pitcher's head and bounced all the way off the field of play. The trainer was sure the kid wasn't getting up. After doing all of the appropriate tests and finding no positive signs of physical problems, the kid was allowed to and wanted to continue. He ended up pitching 7 full innings, scattering 2 runs and GOT THE WIN.

The human body is an incredibly resilient and wonderful thing. We don't know how he feels today, but apparently he pitched even better after the incident.