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Thoughts on the Value of Coaching Young Athletes

One of our former interns stopped by last week. She's deferred admission to a graduate program in S&C for a year to work in the private sector.

She's the head of performance training for a small, private rehab/performance facility. The owner has given her full reign to revamp the youth training program. As some side work, she's taken on a few adult personal training clients at another commercial gym.

This is an experience all young strength coaches should have--the opportunity to work with adolescent athletes, and apply/progress basic bodyweight movements with them. I'll argue there's also excellent value in doing the same with general population adults.

She's seeing results. Decreased joint pain in her adult clients and youth athletes. Increased confidence and function. She's learning how to build proper movement progressions and seeing the power of these movements applied over time.

Young strength coaches working in the collegiate or other type of &q…