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Building and Rebuilding Nolan Berry: Part Two

I was encouraged to learn that Nolan was put in splints and not casts.Immobilization of any joint makes rehab more challenging. But immobilization of the elbow ups the ante. It is a complex joint with many connections, articular surfaces and degrees of freedom. It connects the shoulder and the wrist and allows the basketball player to handle and shoot the ball with grace and unlimited variety.

Failure to do the rehab well from the beginning might compromise Nolan’s ability to shoot and play in the future, not just keep him from playing this season. I had to make sure he understood this from day one, regardless of how painful, boring or monotonous the work was.
It is interesting to note that immediately after the fall on November 19, Nolan's wrists hurt the most and were the focus of initial evaluation.He could move his elbows fine.It was only after sitting with ice on his wrists for several minutes that the injury to the elbows became apparent. After icing his wrists, he discove…

Vianney's Sean O'Brien 2013 McDonald's All-American Nominee

Congratulations to 6' 9" Vianney senior Sean O'Brien on his McDonald's All-American nomination!

I have had the pleasure of working with Sean since the spring of his sophomore year. Sean is one of the hardest-working and modest young men I've met. He relished his role last year as 6th man on a state-quarterfinalist team, and then embraced the new role of captain and leader of a this year's young and inexperienced team.  The Griffins are 12-5 at this time and getting better with every game, with Sean averaging 16 points, 9 rebounds and 1.8 blocks per game.

Sean is still considering his college options, but wherever he goes, he is sure to be a positive asset to the program. Physically, the sky is the limit for this 6' 9" young man; there is so much untapped potential.  But even better, Sean is a student of the game who relishes the opportunity to be a role-model for younger athletes. He wants to be teacher and coach. I wouldn't be surprised to see …

Staying in the Moment for the Athlete

Great advice for athletes at any level or stage of development.

Building and Rebuilding Nolan Berry (Part 1)

Tonight Nolan Berry will play on the DeSmet home court for the first time this season.  A few weeks ago, I wasn't sure he would play any of his senior year.

Tuesday November 20, 2012, I received the following text from Meg Berry, Nolan's mom:

"Big Bird broke both of his arms in practice last night. So sad."

My heart sank.  The kid was in the best shape of his life. Just the week before, DeSmet coach Kevin Poelker had texted me to say that Nolan was leading his team in practice and looking "stronger than ever."  We had successfully rehabbed a bad ankle sprain back in June and a dislocated patella in late July and August; gotten him to personal bests in all of his lifts and up to 226 lbs.  He was fit, strong and ready.

The fractures were at the radial heads. Two in the left arm and one in the right. Ugh. The elbow is such a persnickety joint. So hard to get full range of motion back after being immobilized for long periods. He'd be in bilateral, …