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To (use the cue) Jump or Not?


My Numbers @ 40

I had not been to my primary care physician since becoming vegan in June of 2005, and being that I am now 40, I wanted to get a baseline on my bloodwork to see what the dealio was. Now, I get a lot of shit for being vegan, especially from my friends in the iron game. And I constantly get the "where do you get your protein" question from my professional colleagues. My answer is "from the food I eat." As long as I get enough good quality calories from a variety of food and lift some heavy-ish weights, I keep a pretty consistent lean body mass and a modicum of strength. I am not a high-level athlete in training, so as long as my diet is between 10-20% protein (WHO recommendations), I figure I'm doing ok.

I don't focus on ratios of macronutrients. I do make greens and vegetables the foundation of what I eat--whole foods. I am about 90% gluten-free and do not eat processed grains on a regular basis, with the exception of a nice German Hefeweizen or a Belg…

The Stench of AAU Basketball Gets More Foul By the Year

Check out this article from the NYTimes. I will be so glad when PB&J is out of this racket.

Teaching as a Learning Opportunity

Had the chance to teach a few guys at CF Valley Park yesterday. We worked on basics of the snatch--not even the full lift, mostly partial movements, skill transfer exercises, overhead positioning and the like. I think it was a good session for the guys. All three got a better idea of what it is to really get your legs to move the bar--ground based power via triple extension. This is much different than simply hauling the bar overhead anyhow, something strong guys can do with moderate and sometimes heavy weights; yet they never really learn to move optimally.

For me, it was the opportunity to problem-solve and find new cues to get people to move differently. I had no video for feedback, just verbal cues and demonstration. For the first time, I used the cue "jump." I find this fascinating, because in a previous life, I would have never been open to using this term. I would've considered it heresy; a four-letter word. But in this case, it was a fabulous way of teas…

The Most Awesome Loft Bed Ever

The J

My friends know I'm a minimalist when it comes to my own exercise and training. I'm quite happy with a few free weights, some type of pull up apparatus and space in which to move. I have callouses, wear cotton t-shirts and usually have chalk on both by the time I'm finished.

The AD and I tend to train in our home gym; he likes to get on the treadmill and rock out to Queen. Sometimes I get a workout in at CFVP when there is a break in my work schedule there. There I can row, use the rings and throw med balls around--always very cathartic. I also ride my road bike--a lifetime fitness activity I would highly encourage anyone to try.

But the one thing we do not have access to now is a pool. Like road riding, I think swimming is a great lifetime fitness activity for anyone. Water is revitalizing and restorative. But there is no school pool at DeSmet, and the AD refuses to swim at Chaminade, and I don't blame him. They don't take care of the pool and the water/air…

Simma Down Now!

Reina Sofia (black and white 5 y.o. female) and New Kitteh (9 week old female) in territorial negotiations. What will her name be? She kind of looks like a pointy-eared alien in this picture!

Hexlite: High Handle vs Low Handle Position

As demonstrated by The Thin Man, at 6' 9", wingspan of 6' 10". Teach the big people to get low and play low. It can be done.

Lil and Stan The Man

I had the great honor of meeting and working with Lil and Stan Musial a few years ago. You will not find two more down to earth, wonderful people.

For a few months, I trekked to their modest suburban home twice a week and spent time working with Lil. Stan was usually be around the house and enthusiastically kept us updated on the Cardinal game score that day. Let me tell you, Lil, never afraid to speak her mind, had some great stories about the journey from Donora, PA through a life in major league baseball. And like any good wife, she was quick to let her 24-time All-Star husband know that, at 80, he didn't need to be getting up on the roof anymore to clean the gutters.

Despite being in their early 80s, they still looked forward to making the journey to Florida every February for spring training. They made their children and grandchildren the focus of their time in St. Louis. Their house was a welcoming home, filled with wonderful pictures of Stan with many of the great pla…



Process or Outcomes Oriented?

Is your training, or your philosophy of training others, process oriented or outcomes oriented? Is the what, why, when, how put into the context of a bigger picture or larger goal? Or do you just attempt to super-size each workout and if you (your client) survive(s), then it is mission accomplished?

People often wonder why progress stalls, performance lags or injuries creep up. Many times, these issue can be traced back to poor planning and a focus on outcomes vs. process. When working with competitive athletes, the athletic development coach must focus on process. It is about comprehensive development, not just getting stronger, bigger or faster as measured by some test. Sport coaches, particularly youth team coaches, and fitness professionals in this country tend to get caught in the outcomes trap. They fail to get the big picture and help the people in their care understand what the big picture is all about.