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The Thin Man Serves It Up



The Spartans are playing well! The fellas are coming off a great week, earning the #7 ranking in the ESPN national high school boys volleyball poll. They won the Wheaton Warrenville Tournament, beating the #3 ranked home team, Wheaton Warrenville in two, and then they came back home to beat cross-town Jesuit rival, St. Louis University High (the current #3) in two, just four days later.

Pass well. Serve smart. Maintain momentum. Positive attitude. Teamwork. Keep it up, fellas.

Saturday Hoopla

I put together a few pics and vids from the Women's Final Four festivities today. I was giddy upon meeting the Stanford Tree and seeing Pat Summitt in person. Tara Vanderveer, her staff and team, were very nice to each and every person requesting an autograph. Geno Auriemma waved at us from the team bus. The UConn women are impressive to watch in person. It will be interesting to see how they defend Stanford's Jayne Appel.

Friday Notes

Typing this on my new pink--yes, I said pink--Lenovo S10 netbook. Still getting used to the keyboard, but it is a pretty nifty little machine. Purchased it with upgraded 7200 RPM 320 gb hard drive, bluetooth and 2 gb RAM. Chose the Lenovo because it is the only netbook with an express card slot, which allows me to run Dartfish with one camera. Super, ultra-portable video analysis. The only hiccup is the screen resolution is slightly less than Dartfish likes, but so the full-screen display gets quirky. But the video replay comes out just fine.

Heading down to the Scott Trade Center tomorrow to watch the Final Four women practice. The session is free and open to the public from 11-4. My girl AJ bought me a ticket to the championship game on Tuesday. Should be a fun time!

So did anybody think my April Fools post was funny?

Started working with the Incarnate Word girls basketball team this week. Right now we have 8 young women who are focused on gaining strength, mobility and bet…

The Ultimate Tool for Strength and Health

People often ask me what the secret to my personal fitness and athletic prowess is. I tell them I make good food choices, get enough sleep and train regularly--with free weights, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises and on the bike. However, there is one thing I have recently added to my regimen, and to the programming for my athletes, that is making one hell of a difference.

Creatine? No. Crossfit? No. Rowing? No. Glutamine? No. The Zone Diet? Nada.

It's the Roller Racer.

This is the ultimate tool for lower extremity mobility, core stability and overall work capacity. PB&J, The Thin Man--this is the secret to the success of these athletes on the court. Wanna squat alot? Get your Roller Racer on. Wanna increase your snatch numbers, GS athletes? Roller Racer. I've got an appointment with Cate Imes tomorrow and I guarantee she'll set PRs in Chicago this summer after she incorporates the Roller Racer into her training plan.

At 6' 10" and 235 lbs, PB&am…