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Confessions of a Sagittal Plane Junkie

I am my own worst patient. Doing my best to walk the walk, but sometimes habit, inertia, ego and time get in the way.

At 43 I am starting to feel a few hitches in my giddyup. My R ankle (victim of 3 major sprains & a chipped talus) is a bit cranky these days and it seems the issue is moving up the fibula near the knee. My L knee (the one with a complete meniscus) barks at me with consistency. It feels like the lateral facet of the patella is just grinding along the femoral condyle. My R low back seems have a constant dull ache that intensifies with sitting on soft surfaces. A couple of post-whiplash cervical and tspine knots seem to occasionally creep up on me with prolonged sitting at the computer or some overhead lifting.

The pain isn't debilitating but it is irritating and very disconcerting to me. Is it time to throw in the towel and just spring for a Tempur-Pedic?

Not a chance.

Thanks to my friends Jimmy Radcliffe and Joe Pryztula, I am revitalized--mind and body. Pro…

Thoughts on Mobility

In training, it's about what you do and what you don't do.

Poor movement begets negative tissue/training adaptations. Some movements & motor patterns are specifically counterproductive to achieving certain postures and positions.

All the stretching--cussing, pushing, prodding--in the world cannot undo these adaptations if you continue to train the movements that promote them.

Training & programming must promote positive tissue and nervous system adaptations if you want optimal health and performance.