Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From DeSmet Spartan To USC Trojan

Chris Lischke, aka The Thin Man, has committed to play volleyball for the USC Trojans! He will join fellow St. Louisan Murphy Troy at USC. The Trojans are currently ranked #1 in NCAA Division 1 men's volleyball. I am so proud of this kid--30 ACT score, coaches his little sister's volleyball team, all-around good guy. He worked his tail off the last 18 months and USC head coach Bill Ferguson couldn't help but notice. Congratulations Chris!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

She's Back! Go Nat!

Natalie and Casey Burgener are headed back to COS and the OTC to pursue their dreams in 2012. Here's to beeg legs and light weights!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Birthday Workout Fun

What else do you do on your 41st birthday? Push up form could improve a bit. We'll do 42+ next year. And get the 1:47.2 for 500 m row (a 4 second PR for me) down to 1:42. 1:45ish is right around the corner with some better mental focus over the last 100 m. The 1:42 will take some work, but I've never really worked on rowing technique, nor have I trained for maximum power output.

Other birthday workouts have included an indoor 10 k on the treadmill on my 30th--very painful for someone who hates running without chasing a ball. Then there were the strong(er) years where I had fun squatting 200 lbs for 10. Now just trying to stay lean and keep all joints healthy. I want to be able to run up and down the court next December for the alumni basketball game and hit a few nice jump shots. And run the young pups into the ground on the break...heheheheh. Right, AJ?

Anybody else have some fun birthday workout traditions?