Friday, December 09, 2005


Well, we have our first snow on the ground and it has been bitterly cold this week. It is always a bit of the shock to the system, but also refreshing to see the powerful changes and forces that occur in nature. I know spring is a only few weeks away.

Such events remind me that change is necessary for personal and professional growth. With winter, we see our surroundings in a new light. The leaves are stripped from the trees and an entirely new landscape appears. For personal or professional growth to occur, it is necessary that our beliefs, ideas and relationships be stripped of their coverings so we can examine them from a different, maybe even challenging, viewpoint. During this process some of these old parts of us decrease in importance or die completely; others are renewed and rejuvenated. New ideas, world views and relationships form. Our landscape changes and we grow.

Self-reflection is challenging; change is scary. Sometimes the process is as painful as inhaling the bitter cold air of a December morning. Let it be cathartic; exhale and watch the old breath disappear. Grow and evolve. Branch out.

There. That's better. Now, who's ready for the Spring Classics and my boy Magnus Backstedt to rock at Paris-Roubaix? There's something really sexy about a 6'4" 210 lb Swede fighting his way through the muddy cobbles on a kick-ass Bianchi. Go Maggie!

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