Wednesday, January 18, 2006

WWJD: Run Over the Cyclists or Just Scare Them to Death?

We made the mistake of starting Sunday's ride at prime church-gettin'-out time out in the Chesterfield flats. Instead of going out Wild Horse Creek, we road to Old Olive Street to head out to Centaur. Big mistake. Now, there is no good shoulder, but that is not a license to drive recklessly or dangerously when cyclists are on the road with you.

Riding single file, we had numerous large SUV vehicles pass us angrily, fast and without much consideration. I was very nervous--more so than ever on my bike--and let a few choice expletives fly. There are several large churches in the area and given the traffic cops posted out Eatherton, it was clear that most of the traffic was from the area religious services letting out. Now, I don't know what religion these people are, but they sure as heck DON'T believe in people riding bikes or sharing the road with another legal vehicle that runs under human power.

Right to life!? Do unto others!? Apparently these religious hypocrites are exempt from following their own principles when driving next to cyclists.

The ONLY motorized vehicle that gave us any consideration was some dude on a Harley with "Disciples of Judah" on his ragged denim jacket. He slowed, passed far to the right and waved as he went on ahead.

Maybe they would've been more agreeable if we would've had a big WWJD sign on our asses? Hey, maybe there's a market....

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