Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fatmanwalking has advice for those looking to Dr. Atkins

Beware, all you high protein diet friends of mine....

If you haven't read about The Fatmanwalking yet, you should check out his website. Steve Vaught's May 3 journal entry has some good advice for you exercisers out there looking eat well, exercise and lose weight in a healthy manner. To bad Dr. Atkins couldn't stick around to see the results of this n=1 case study. Maybe I'll send him a link to Dr. Joel Fuhrman's DiseaseProof blog:

"After all the talk about not going in for crazy fad diets I wound up doing exactly that and I am paying the price. The following stuff is creepy and has to do with body functions, so if that is gross then skip to the next paragraph. About eight weeks ago I was really unhappy that the weight loss slowed down since returning to the road. To compensate for that I decided that I would change my diet a bit to help move things along and it worked. I reduced my carbohydrate intake significantly and increased protein. This was really helping for a while but then came the price to be paid for trying to shortcut nature. My body started to have problems digesting so much protein, my urine and sweat took on a strong ammonia smell and eventually I passed two kidney stones.

Ok gross part over—the end result of all this is that my Doctor told me that I would have to go back to a more balanced diet and stop being an idiot. (Maybe she didn’t use those words but I knew that was what she meant) So after weeks of abusing myself, I needed to revert back to the right way of eating and of course I gained back most of the weight that I had lost during the (Atkins time). I think that right now I am around 310 lbs. I have learned my lesson, unfortunately a lesson that I already knew, but I relearned it nonetheless. I am not stressing out over this though because I reminded myself that truly effective weightloss occurs a little bit at a time. Trying to force the body to lose weight is the same mania as is putting it on in the first place. I changed back to the proper way of eating and I increased the pace (out of scheduling necessity) and things seem to be heading back in the right direction now. "

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