Sunday, May 27, 2007

Where am I?

I'm here. Sorry to be AWOL for a bit.

Nothing earth-shattering right now--a few things on my mind that will hopefully resolve by next week.

Started making my own almond milk this week. It's pretty easy; you just need a hearty blender and some cheesecloth. I'm trying to get out of consuming the soy/rice milk containers. And by making my own "milk" for coffee, smoothies and my oatmeal, I'll know exactly what is in it and benefit from the nutrition of the almost-sprouted nuts.

Went to see a roller derby "bout" last night. I had mixed impressions. The skating was not at the highest level. You see, I used to be a card-carrying competitive figure skater from 3rd through 5th grade; I guess you could call me a skating snob. My career was sidetracked by a torn meniscus in 5th grade and I moved on to basketball, volleyball and flag football. Skating was great fun and I loved doing figures, pairs dancing and the like; but I was also pretty kick-ass in the races during the open skating sessions. Let it be known that those years were the only time I have ever done any athletic competition in a skirt.

Racing is one thing, but having to maneuver around a group of people who cannot skate very well and who can and will knock the snot out of you is not really my idea of fun. I'll keep my intact ACLs and clavicles. I guess I'd rather take my chances on the bike, where contact is generally not the goal and there is more room to avoid people with spotty skills.

However, I might just see if I can join them for a practice or two and maybe skate for some fun and fitness, and possibly help a few of the women learn to skate better. Who knows, maybe they'd like a strength coach??


The Mighty Kat said...

I've never seen one of these competitions, but the world sounds interesting. The imagery is tantalizingly sensational. To hear your take on it, it would be disappointing as an athlete...

The Iron Maven said...

Like I said, I am probably a skating snob. I am also very projective of my own body when it comes to any athletic endeavor right now--and that probably colors my opinion most heavily.

Most of the women seemed to be having fun and it was work. The crowd seemed to enjoy it--you could by 24 oz. PBRs and cheer them on.

It is definitely not elite athletics; but then maybe that's not the point. Maybe it is more about participation, fun and entertainment. And maybe I really just have a hard time dealing with any woman who "competes" in fishnet stockings and a mini-skirt with major butt-cheekage showing very seriously.

We try so hard to get others to appreciate us a real athletes without the sexual innuendo. And more people show up to see something like this than to the USAW Nationals. I don't know what to think sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I think people would rather watch the roller girls than the weight lifters cause they are having more fun! Weight lifting is cool, but it is very serious too. Serious is important but when you want to kick back and have a tooth cracking cold PBR and good laugh a little roller girls tops the weight lifters. Many folks to the "serious" thing all day long and want to get as far from it as possible after work is over. The roller girls takes people to that politically incorrect place.

The Iron Maven said...

Good points! And there is no PBR at weightlifting events. In fact, nobody but the people in weightliftin g EVER know that the events are going on!

At least the ARRG people have the brains to advertise and promote their gigs.