Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Wednesday Random Thoughts

Maybe Lance and Brett have been texting each other? These dudes just can't get enough of themselves.

Mark Cavendish is on his way to STL. He is in the leader's jersey in the 2nd Tour of Missouri. Nice. I hope to watch him zoom up Art Hill on Sunday.

Mondays with Orie. Orie Shafer is tackling the Performance Menu workouts. It is a rare treat to work with someone who asks good questions, works hard and discusses Stephen J. Gould in between sets. Clock genes in Drosophila, Orie? Those things actually sleep? I still have nightmares of their little red eyes from biology lab. Do they do any squats? :-)


Orie said...

Thanks, Tracy! I'm having a blast too. And it's wonderful to have well-considered answers to those questions.

My colleagues swear that flies sleep. I believe them, but I'd be more convinced if the flies could actually close those (remarkably beautiful) compound eyes.

I'm assuming that squatting is easier for flies since they have three times the legs. But, alas, I have no data to support that hypothesis. Indeed, I've never been able to get one to stand under a barbell.



Anonymous said...

I guess I'll be joining you two scholars occasionally. However, if you're going to be talking fruit flies, I may have to turn the music up!