Sunday, August 02, 2009

Why You Should Exercise


Orie said...

Ah. Nothing like an instructional film to set you straight.

That was a Riot!

Joe Przytula said...

Campy, yes. Reminds me of those old reel to reel STD films they used to show us in high school. But our country was a lot leaner & fitter back in the 50's. Now we get our faces pierced & Chinese letter tattoos to bolster our self confidence. I wouldn't really care, if every morning I didn't have to look at those 50 something pretending to be 30 something people at the gym who still think a tramp stamp looks cool on middle aged sagging skin.

Anonymous said...

No one is fat, even scanning that beach scene, no one is overweight. Was America really like that at one time? Amazing.