Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Birthday Workout Fun

What else do you do on your 41st birthday? Push up form could improve a bit. We'll do 42+ next year. And get the 1:47.2 for 500 m row (a 4 second PR for me) down to 1:42. 1:45ish is right around the corner with some better mental focus over the last 100 m. The 1:42 will take some work, but I've never really worked on rowing technique, nor have I trained for maximum power output.

Other birthday workouts have included an indoor 10 k on the treadmill on my 30th--very painful for someone who hates running without chasing a ball. Then there were the strong(er) years where I had fun squatting 200 lbs for 10. Now just trying to stay lean and keep all joints healthy. I want to be able to run up and down the court next December for the alumni basketball game and hit a few nice jump shots. And run the young pups into the ground on the break...heheheheh. Right, AJ?

Anybody else have some fun birthday workout traditions?

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Boris said...

Happy Birthday (and nice work)!

I tried to keep up w. my age, doing squats w. 225, pull-ups, etc... I'm just too old for those anymore.

I attempted the SSST this year. Didn't make it on my b-day, but managed to get the 200 reps I was looking for before year's end.

Next year - not sure yet, but I'll do something.