Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I'm starting several new athletes over next few weeks. All will go through an initial 2 part evaluation that occurs over 2 days. I take the time to review past medical history with a parent, look at static and dynamic flexibility, upper and lower extremity strength, torso control with various movements and any other factor that might jump out at me, given PMH and their specific sport demands.

So the evaluation gives me a snapshot of where the athlete is now and then gives me insight into variables that may or may not impact training and performance down the road. I understand certain adaptations occur in sport, so I attend to them but keep in mind that I probably shouldn't try to fix it if it really ain't broke. I want to see if the athlete meets basic physical competencies--the physical building blocks that form the foundations for technical and tactical skills in the sport. And I want my tests to be relevant, measurable and meaningful.

Right now my evaluation process is has a very physical therapy feel to it, as the results of the evaluation are summarized in a written report that I send to parents, athletes and sport coaches (if applicable). I try to make it as easy to understand as possible, but it could be better. And it is going to get better by implementing elements of the PCA (Physical Competency Assessment), by Kelvin Giles of Movement Dynamics. Time to get my Excel and Radar Graph love on.

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