Thursday, March 08, 2012

A Tribute to the Most Fabulous Natalie Burgener: Part 2

After working up to a personal best in the snatch, Natalie prepared to do clean & jerks with Doreen.

She stayed in the zone and finished with a strong 120 kg lift. This was a 2 kg improvement from her recent American record of 118 kg in August. It was a remarkable ending to the session and the training week. During my 4 days at the course, I saw Nat miss one lift in training: a 90 kg push press. She made the 85 kg push press look easy. Like butta. Every last lift.

Maximal snatches and CJs. Second training session of the day after squatting in the AM session. Training session late in the week. No misses. Every lift just like the lift before.

This is what an elite athlete looks like.

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Leeny said...

Wow! Beautiful. Her lifts look so smooth and effortless. A symphony of contractions.