Saturday, February 04, 2006

My Husband, The High School Teacher and Coach

Many of you know my husband. He is currently the varsity swim coach and athletic director at a large all-boys private school. Life is crazy most of the time. The school does not have a pool, and he works many long hours to do his best for the swimmers and all of the other coaches and athletes at the school.

Kevin was an outstanding swimmer in high school and for the Badgers at Wisconsin. Big Ten Champion in the 200 Butterfly. As an athlete, he was driven and very competitive.

In his 22 years as a coach (11 at the University of Chicago and 10 at DeSmet), he has mellowed a bit. His 2002 DeSmet team won the Missouri state championship, but he has not had a "dynasty" by any means. His primary focus as coach has been to maximize the potential of each of his kids--as people and as swimmers. He defines success not just by victories in the pool, but by the acquisition of self-discipline, self-improvement (in the pool and in the classroom, no matter where you start), and teamwork. In the end, this is what high school and Division III athletic participation is all about. This is why we spend time with young people. It surely isn't about the money or personal accolades.

He received this email the other day. It made his day and mine.

Coach Fober
As the swim season winds down, we just wanted to personally thank your work with XXXX. Your quiet but strong leadership has really motivated him to do his best in and out of the pool. He is a pretty reserved guy with a lot of strength and depth that some people do not always appreciate. The way you manage the team with the variety of talents and issues is very impressive. You have managed to allow each boy a chance to succeed at their own level. It has been a fun season for XXXX and he is looking forward to senior swim season in the fall.
Good Luck at state!
Mr. & Mrs. X

This is what it is all about--having a positive impact on the people around us. Especially the young people.

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