Sunday, February 05, 2006

Random Sunday musings on gray hair, KC, Steve Martin...

Well, it's Sunday morning and I'm feeling like Dan Schmatz of Yourbikesucks blog fame, sitting here at the laptop with a great cup of coffee, contemplating the frigid temps outside and the prospect of riding outside. Unlike Dan, I'm glad I don't have to go outside. I'll just hit the trainer.

Other random thoughts from the week:

1) Why are people fascinated with my hair? Yes, I have some gray hair. It's been growing out of my head since I was 20. You wouldn't believe the people who comment on it--unsolicited. I guess my youthful, fit appearance and the long gray locks create some type of cognitive dissonance that compels one to blurt out things like, "You look so young to have gray hair!" or "Is that your real hair?" or "How old are you?" I've even had complete strangers reach out and touch my hair.

2) I'm really beginning to detest professional American sports on tv. If I watch any part of the Super Bowl--it will be on because my husband will be watching--it'll be from the bike trainer or while working out in the home gym. My other thought is to head to Vintage Vinyl and trade in some CDs and browse for some more trainer tunes. Might have to snag a few old Steve Martin comedy albums. Saw a special on him the other night and he really is a wild and crazy guy--smart and funny as hell.

3) I was in the Kansas City area all day Friday. I always imagine KC to be just like STL. Not so. There is a difference, but I can't quite put a handle on it. Always good to step outside your digs and see how others view you and yours.

4) RIP and a big thank you to Betty Friedan.

More serious stuff about health and exercise later this week.

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