Monday, October 23, 2006

The Dirt on Lying: Hey Everybody's Doing It

Oh that wasn't pine tar. It was just dirt on my hand.

Right Kenny. You were caught "brown-handed." But for whatever reason, you gambled and won. Like many other adults in this day and age--politicians, heads of corporations, other professional athletes--this 42 y.o. baseball pitcher has LIED to the entire world about what was on his hand and why it was there. Straight up lied and denied right at us. Unbelievable? Not today.

Deny, lie, deny and abdicate responsibility for our words and actions. This is what our society does now and it trickles down to our young people like you wouldn't believe. Hey, if professional athletes can get away with it, why can't a high school athlete who is accused of violating a high school's drug and alcohol policy get away with the same tactic? The high school doesn't have the blood alcohol reading of my body before or after the dance. I didn't drink and you cannot prove I did. Now let me practice and play.

And no one who can or will take disciplinary action knows the true identity of the substance on Kenny Roger's hand. So he'll continue to deny everything and there's nothing anyone can do about it. It's our right to play high school/professional sports anyway--besides, who wants to throw a talented athlete off the team? Sports are all about winning and money. Character, integrity and following the rules are just old fashioned.

So get a life, Coach--and grab a lie. Everyone else is doing it.

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Anonymous said...

Well said, my friend!!