Saturday, October 07, 2006

Why do boys get the good stuff?

Got some new cycling shoes today. Carbon-soled bling. Once again, I chose to shop in the men's section because the color and functional design in the equipment was better than that in the women's section.

Men's equipment and clothing functions better and looks better. Always. That's because it is designed for an ATHLETE. Women's stuff seems to be designed for men to look at women or for women to really not perform at an elite level. Not even recreate.

I am happy companies are finally beginning to manufacture sport equipment designed specifically for women. Size and anatomy are different. We are not simply miniature men.

But, and this is very common with cycling equipment, the women's specific design (WSD) stuff is usually has at least one of the following characteristics:

1. Inferior componetry--bikes get the crappy, low-level groupos, saddles, etc
2. Looks frumpy--not cool and fast
3. Nasty pastel colors
4. Designed to show skin, not function as athletic clothing, look good in a catalogue or in the coffee shop

Just once, I would like to easily find women's cycling shorts (or compression shorts for regular exercise) with an 8 inch inseam, in the latest high-tech fabric, with a women's chamois, in BLACK. NOT white, not pink, not blue and not with a 2 inch inseam. And I want the shorts to rise ABOVE my hip bones.

I would like my athletic shoes to come in colors that are not reminiscent of a baby's play room.

I would like my t-shirts to be larger than a Kleenex and to be available in colors other than pink and baby blue.

Seriously, it is very hard to find functional athletic clothing that is not designed to make you look and feel like a sexed-up teeny-bopper or a frumpy grandma. I sweat, I move, I work hard. Please give me equipment and clothing that helps me work harder--not look like a hottie.

If you ever see me exercising in hip-hugger capri pants and a spaghetti -strap tank with a paisley print, you'll know I've gone over the edge. And don't even think about a skort. I will fight anyone to the death before a skort touches this body.

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