Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thin Man Update

Congrats to The Thin Man for making the USVBA Youth Continental Team (alternate for the A2 Team)! He still has much work to do, but has the long-term perspective in his head. Filling out that now 6' 8" frame and creating powerful, coordinated movement in a new playing position has been challenging, especially since the high school season has started. We had put a solid 10 lbs on him, but that melted away with the high school practice schedule. More calories, more calories. He is only a junior, so the hormones will kick in at some point. I am very proud of him for getting in three one-hour lifting sessions each week (before practice), so he can maintain the strength he has gained since last September.

Here is a video of The Thin Man first learning the front squat/push press combo back in November. This is one of the staples in his program, along with bodyweight squats, hex bar deadlifts, single leg squats, multi-directional lunges and step ups. How many 6' 8" dudes have this kind of ankle/hip mobility? Many more could, if given the time and the opportunity to learn. Good foundations are the key to long-term athletic development.

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Matt said...

He has great form, great lockout.

He doesn't look like a typical, awkward, tall guy when he's lifting!