Friday, March 06, 2009

Visions of Eight

If you have never seen or heard of the the movie "Visions of Eight" you are in luck. Some wonderful person appears to have put several segments of the movie, which is seriously out of print, up on YouTube. This is a fantastic documentary of the '72 Olympic Games in Munich, as captured by eight different directors. I have embedded the part on weightlifting, "The Strongest," for you. It was directed by Mai Zetterling, the only female of the eight. Hard core weightlifting fans will recognize the superheavyweights that are featured. Which athlete was a librarian for his day job?

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Anyone figure out the gender of the blonde? Anyone able to "duck hop" like the dude at the beginning? I find this segment to be very different from any other sport movies. Simply fascinating and wonderful. If you can score a copy of the whole movie, I highly recommend it.


Anonymous said...

Clean & press?

Would have liked to have seen more flyweights training (and costumes that displayed less of the heavyweights, ahem), but the shot at the end is priceless.

Erik said...

Alexiev is the man! First dude to put up 500+lbs above his head. This video has some awesome stuff in it. You get to see slight variations in technique, different warmups and the now unpracticed competition clean and press.

This was the last year they had clean and press too. I do believe the elmination of that event is the reason why the totals and single lift numbers have gotten so high. Allows the lifters to specialize more.

Thanks for posting this!