Monday, May 04, 2009

Hexlite In Action

I have been using the Hexlite training bar with all of my athletes. Some people have asked whether or not it is too big or two small for some people. I have not had trouble using it with anyone thus far, although I have not had anyone over 250# use it. The athletes in the above video range in height from 5' 2" to 6' 9". The light-weight, dual-handle design makes it a very versatile and portable training tool for those who need to develop hip-to-feet awareness, and lower extremity mobility and strength.


Joe Przytula said...

I like it because you CAN'T lift incorrectly with it. The way the weight is distributed will automatically correct you. Kind of forces you to drive through the hips/legs. A great prelude to teaching the traditional olympic bar squat, I think. I've used it with ACL rehab. Traditionally, & also with farmer walks up & down inclines, sagittal ant/post & frontal plane.

Matt said...

We have one of these bars at my gym. I've always wanted to try a Hex deadlift, but I've never designed a program with this movement.

I don't know how beneficial it would be for me right now. I'm happy with my explosive power on the squat.

How do you see the benefit of the hex bar playing out, specifically?

The Iron Maven said...

It is teaching tool and an alternative/additional method for lower body training. I use it in conjunction with squats. The girls in this video are just learning to squat and they don't have any squat racks, so this bar helps them build foundational movement for squatting in the future.

Mike Rutherford (Coach Rut) programs hex/trap bar DLs into his workouts. Check out!

Matt said...

Thanks, I'll definitely check out the link!