Sunday, April 25, 2010

DB Snatch Series

This is a DB Snatch Series I learned from Mike Burgener. I use it with my athletes at the beginning of a workout as a transition from warm up into the first major exercise. 6' 10" Ryan Pierson demonstrates it here. He performs 3 DB snatches (both arms), followed by one R arm snatch and a lunge with each leg, then one L arm snatch and lunge with each leg. He finishes with 3 snatches with both arms.


Erik Blekeberg said...

How do you find this exercise benefits your athletes as you transition from general warm-up into the main lifting?

The Iron Maven said...

Well, we kinda put it all together here--moderate power, big ROM, final CNS tune up for whatever is coming up. Can modify the intensity for the context and athlete.