Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Thoughts

So glad Friday is here. It has been a long, but good week. Supposed to be beautiful this weekend, in the 70's. I am so ready for fall.

Recently, many of my CF friends have taken a greater interest in working on their mobility. This a good thing. Joint health and movement skill require a flexible, supple musculoskeletal system. One cannot effectively use strength and power without good mobility.

My four building blocks of physical health are awareness, alignment, mobility and strength. A training plan must develop all aspects of your movement system, not just strength and power. Mobility must be integrated and developed within the context of what you need to do. It must be a part of your training, not a random afterthought. If your programming is mindful and purposeful, then your training will not only work to make you stronger. It will also work to address your strength in the context of your mobility needs. Quality strength and power movement grooves mobility.

So I urge my friends to think about why they have the mobility issues they have. What movements in your programming might contribute to your mobility and pain issues? The body adapts to the quality and type of movements it is asked to do. That's how rehab and super-compensation work. The therapist and coach apply training overload to create positive adaptations. If inappropriately applied or poorly constructed, training programs can also lead to negative adaptations and imbalances.

Your body depends on you to think, not just do.

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