Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Build Foundations

Training is about building physical foundations in the context of fundamental movements. The movements begin with basic ground-based movements and then progress to more complex and sport-specific movements.

Physical foundations. What is that? Strength? Endurance? Work capacity? Mobility? Body awareness? It is all of these things, but in the context of movement skills. And this takes time. It begins with an evaluation of where the individual starts--posture, movement coordination, dynamic vs static abilities. It progresses with the individual. Some progress quickly. Others need time--more strength, more reps to master the movement, more time to adapt.

Training sessions apply constructive stress to the system. Over time, positive adaptations occur. More is not always better. High intensity is not always appropriate. Both are always tempting to do. You cannot groove skilled movement going balls to the wall, in a fatigued state. You go balls to the wall when you have mastered the movement. You progress when the body has earned the right and demonstrates the ability to tolerate the new stress.

For me, it isn't about beating people down. It is about building them from the ground up; one block at time, through deliberate practice and repetition. I help them earn the right to progress and teach them the patience to let the process work.

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