Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Great Flea Jumping Debate: Case Closed

In light of the previous post, I thought I'd share this interesting tidbit from NPR describing research into the jumping mechanics of fleas. Finally, after 40 years, it seems we have some type of answer as to how these things do it.

My favorite part of the NPR story is a quote from Henry Bennet-Clark, the guy behind the recently substantiated mechanism, on being right:
"Let's put it this way: It leaves me unsurprised," he says. "Because I always thought that the trochanter idea of Miriam Rothschild was as silly as the statement I'm about to make, which is, 'I'm about to jump off my chair by squeezing my buttocks.' "
Keep that last sentence in mind as you squat this week.

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beachbody coaches said...

This post really cracked me up! haha