Sunday, August 19, 2012

Varying Proportions & Inseams

Here we see that arm length is inversely proportional to shorts length with Mitch and George. Mitch has a wingspan that is 4" longer than he is taller. George's wingspan is about 2" shorter than his height.

Shorts length an ongoing topic in boys volleyball. The blue shorts that Mitch is wearing were his uniform shorts for the USA Youth Boys National Team NORCECA volleyball competition in Mexico this summer. He was proud to wear them. My basketball guys were, of course, mortified to think that someone might wear shorts that did not go below one's knees.

Of course, none of these guys will ever have the challenge of playing on court in long sleeves and "bun huggers." I'll leave my feelings on that topic for another day.

It seems the FIVB will not be persuaded to change inseam length for the men in international play. Mitch and the rest of the USA men will not let that deter them from pursuit of excellence. This little classic shows they have a sense of humor about the whole issue. Happy Monday!

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