Friday, September 07, 2012

Adventures with Indian Clubs

It got a little punchy yesterday, but in all seriousness, the Indian Club should be an integral part of any overhead athlete's foundational work. And why aren't all physical therapy and athletic training programs teaching their students how to implement these fantastic movement patterns? Brothers and sisters let us break free from the purgatory of Theraband and the Thrower's 10! We must prepare the athletic shoulder to move and groove as it does in sport!

In the "See Just How Far We've Fallen" department, check out this footage from a 1904 PE class in Kansas City, MO. Now we have cup stacking competitions. We have such a rich history of physical culture. Let's hope we can regain the lost appreciation of movement skills as the foundation of school-based physical education.

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deb roby said...

A couple months after my SLAP repair surgery (for which my surgeon prescribed NO PT), a friend showed me how build my own leverage club, and taught me a few simple swings. They became the basis of my rehab.

I still swing a club occasionally -I need to do more. They challenge my mind as much as my body.