Sunday, November 04, 2012

Chip Conrad on Mobility: Required Watching!

This is one of my very favorite videos from Chip Conrad of Bodytribe. Watch it and let it soak in. There are many out there who thing mobility is a separate quality that is trained outside of the workout.  It is not. 

Everything you do in your training program impacts your mobility in a positive or a negative way. So you can foam roll and wrap yourself in all types of rubber bands and never make a dent in your ability to move better because your past and present training asks your body to adapt in ways that limit your mobility.

You are how you move.

Your movement needs to be varied and you need to realize there are fundamental relationships between various joints, in weight-bearing, that dictate your mobility and thus your ability to move well.  You will eventually limit yourself and your strength and power development if you think mobility is something to be trained separately from strength and power.


Steven Rice Fitness said...

Chip is a big influence on how I think about movement and strength.

Keith Sutorius said...

or as Vern would say, "train movements, not muscles."

Great video, I would love to be that mobile. Years of Cycling make it too easy to lose mobility.

I am going to watch a lot more of Chip's videos.

deb roby said...

Chip know this: being able to do the basic movement in this video will be my final signal to myself that I've completely recovered from my hip replacement.

About 52% there...