Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Iron Maven Shoulder Series "A"

I use this series of open and closed-chain movements to expose the thoracic spine and shoulder girdle to various planes of movement and weight-bearing situations. Parts of this series come from GAIN colleague Greg Thompson, who teaches elementary PE in Michigan. Greg has developed a large library of fundamental movements/skills to be practiced in 5 minute segments during the school day. The "5 in 5" program is also being piloted in the UK by Kelvin Giles. 

Shoulder Series "A" is used in warm up, cool-down and on recovery days after a big volleyball tournament. It is meant for any skill-level or age. The Rise & Shine Push Ups can be modified to be Rise & Shine Pillars or Let Downs for those unable to do a solid push up. I have also used it very successfully with shoulder rehab patients.

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