Friday, July 21, 2006

The IronMaven's Training Hall

At the behest of Bull Ternus, I've posted a few more pics of the IronMaven Training Hall. Basement location; must be 5'9" or less to press or jerk with the bumpers. Training equipment includes:

1. Pulling stands
2. Power rack (pullups, straigh arm pulldowns, incline pullups)
3. York Women's Certified Comp bar
4. Full set of York black rubber bumpers in kg (25, 20, 15, 10) plus a set of 10 lb plates
5. Hex bar (a favorite!)
6. Powerblock DBs (5-45 lbs)
7. Rebounder tramp with about twelve med balls ranging from 1kg to 8kg in size
8. Various weightlifting and cycling motivational posters, pics and sayings
9. Agility ladders, hurdles, foam rollers, bands for glute med work
10. 45 deg extension apparatus in my exam office
11. Stool for killer stool hand walks
12. Treadmill (for the hubby)
13. Adjustable bench for incline presses
14. Physioball

How many female physical therapists have their own full bumper set and bar at home--and actually know how to use it???? It's my dream gym come true; a little retreat from the world. Painted and industrially carpeted by yours truly. Knocked out a closet to make it about 11 x 17 total, so we could get the treadmill for the husband. Make him squat too, along with my patients and clients. No excuses. Just lift. Get some. Right, Bull? Ooh rah!

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