Monday, July 31, 2006

Test Day #1: Sah-weet, Coach!

I decided to do some testing before AJ enters the cross country season. We'll do some additional testing on Wednesday before she leaves for vacation. Here's the data so far:



ST Goal

LT Goal

10 RM Squat

54% BW*

50% BW

75% BW

5 RM Front Squat


50% BW

75% BW

5 RM Press

28% BW

33% BW

33% BW

Single Leg Squat

20 R/L

20 x 3 R/L

20 x 5 R/L

Push Ups




Incline Pull Ups




Pull Ups




Prone Plank

90 seconds

120 seconds

120 sec x 3

Side Plank

30 seconds

45 seconds

45 sec x 3

3 kg Med Ball Put








* exceeded goal already!

Even better--AJ tells me she's noticing her R valgus/R hip IR tendency is decreasing in frequency with her running. She senses it when she fatigues--and knows she needs to attend to it and correct it. Her R hip control is improving with her back squats. We will nurture that strength throughout the CC season and go full-tilt in the winter.

She's come a long way in only 6 weeks @ 3 x week. The girl ran TWICE yesterday--didn't do anything silly in the heat--but knows she needs to acclimate herself for the coming season. Her goal for the season is a sub-20 minute 5k. Her best is right at 21 minutes right now. I'll bet she does it. This kid is smart and determined.

Any suggestions for further testing or different goals? Oh yeah, this athlete WILL NOT be spoiled EVER by bench pressing--at least under my watch. She will incline and press and handstand and push up; and her scapulothoracic mechanics, glenohumeral joint and posture will be the better for it.

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