Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thoughts after Park City and Before the NSCA

Had a great time in the wonderfully dry state of Utah; for some reason, the lack of humidity makes me (at least) much more likely to get myself outside and ride--and even run. Did some fabulous hill sprints up the massive stairways connecting streets in Old Town.

Park City is heaven for athletes, summer and winter. And we could get around without a car for 6 days. We biked and hiked all over.

Seeing the professional mountain bikers was great. Wish I would've gone over to the Olympic Ski Jump Park and watched the US Ski Jump Team's developmental camp for girls 6-17. Yep, chicks teaching little chicks how to ski jump. 4 day camp for $25 total; sponsored by the National Sports Foundation.

Later today I leave for Washington DC and (Darth Vader theme) the NSCA National Convention--collecting my CEUs (yes I've been assimilated by the s&c Borg and have not had the balls to drop it; dropped the CPT several years ago) and joining the Dartfishes for a bit of exhibition mania. (Anybody need a Dartfish lanyard? :-) Haven't been since 2000 or so. I'll get to see all of the legendary gurus, bozos and fabulous toys up close and personal. Did you see where Boyd Epley was hired by the NSCA to a special position? Drop me a line if there's anyone or anything you think I should pay particular attention to.

I'll have my camera along and hope to capture some great images. The exhibit hall will be full of buffed out coaches and personal trainers. Will the MetRx ladies be in attendance? Hopefully I can wade through the BS, the samples of whey protein and recovery drinks, to report on the good, bad and the ugly. Drop me an email if there is anything you'd like me to check out.

Now I must get on the bike. Today is the first mountain stage. The Tour will be ripped apart. Floyd has avascular necrosis in his injured hip. Look for Cadel Evans to make his presence known. I love July.

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